Group Songwriting Classes with Chloe Turner (Coming Soon)

Do you want to learn to write songs that will help define you as a musician? Here at The Muse Project,

we offer you the chance to develop your skills.

Coming Soon: Songwriting & Artist Development Classes in Hertford.

This course is designed for you to develop yourself as an artist, so you can express yourself through your own music. The Class is a group class, structured to help you understand the principal areas within songwriting these include; Personal Songwriting Projects, Music Theory and Music Biology. Our Songwriting Class is taken by our resident songbird, Chloe Turner.

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Project Mentor Chloe Turner.

Chloe has been songwriting, playing, and performing for over 12 years. She earned her BA Honours Degree in Songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London, widely regarded as Europe’s Finest School of Modern Music. If you would like to know more about Chloe click here.

Songwriting & Artist Development Class Objectives

Our objectives is to assemble singers and musicians to form bands and provide a platform to enables bands to do the following:

  1. Learn to write music to a brief (based on set projects throughout the course)
  2. Develop YOUR  own  identity as a songwriter
  3. Develop YOUR creative skills
  4. To write a collection of songs

Songwriting Class Overview

Solo Writing / Songwriting

Working on the individuals own personal project. Students will have the chance to perform songs of their own for constructive feedback within a class environment. Within this section of the course students will also learn to write to a brief and with other members in the class. Students will study different styles and song forms in attempt to show different ways of songwriting.

Music Theory

Understanding music theory is crucial for a songwriter. This module will cover basic music theory within songwriting. Modules include music harmony and rhythm study

Music Biology

To help our students develop their writing skills part of this class includes, the study existing songs and poetry to recognise rhyming structures.