Luca Perotti Band Coach

Our very own rockstar Luca Perotti has definitely got what it takes to get your band sounding slick, like a well-oiled rock machine.

Music Industry Experience and Qualifications

Luca is all about live performance! He started his musical career at school, he then went on to University where he studied music production, theory and performance. Luca has been playing and performing music for over a decade, managing a number of his own bands, playing at festivals and headlined shows. Luca has also appeared on TV/Radio both performing and in interviews. He has also coached many bands throughout his career.

A few words from Luca about why he wants to mentor…

I relish my role in the project to coach aspiring the bands. Helping students learn to showcase their musical abilities and preparing them to record in a professional studio environment is very rewarding for me. I am very excited to meet new and aspiring talent to see what we can do together.

TMP Courses & Classes by Luca Perotti

Luca Perotti Band Coach Industry Skills

  • Band Coach
  • Bass Player
  • Private Music Tutor