Studio Engineering Courses

Digital & Analogue Studio Engineering Courses in Hertfordshire

Our Studio Engineering classes offer both a basic insight and an in-depth look into the workings and construct of a recording studio.

Digital Recording Insight Course for Beginners based in Hertford

This course covers the basics of the recording studio process, helping you understand the functions of the live room and control room. We will learn about frequency, waveforms, microphone placement and recording techniques, using audio effect processors, mixing and mastering. The first 4 days breakdown the procedure from start to finish and on the 5th day you get to put what you’ve learned to the test by recording a live band.

Course Term Time Schedule

Digital Recording Insight Course runs during school holidays, Monday to Friday, 2-hour slots per day.

Digital & Analogue Introduction Course for Beginners

This course offers an in-depth look into the workings and construct of a recording studio i.e. acoustic treatment, sound proofing etc. and again, learning the process incorporating terminology such as: – Amplitude, frequency response, phasing, proximity effect, polar patterns etc. It also gives you the opportunity to have a more ‘hands on’ experience of recording using the mixing desks routing system *subgroups and auxiliary sends* right through to the mixing stage utilising outboard effects, EQ and inserts. And finally the last stage, *mastering down to tape, topping and tailing etc.*

*Analogue course only

Course Term Time Schedule

Digital and Analogue Introduction is a flexible course and runs for 2 hour slots over 12 Saturdays