Band Development Classes in Hertfordshire

Want to learn how to play in a band? If you are a beginner or advanced muscian our music develpment project could be what you are looking for…

Beginner Band Development Classes in Hertford.

If you are a novice and learning how to play an instrument, whether it be guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, saxophone or any wind or percussive instrument, then joining a band can help to increase your skills quickly by learning how to play with other musicians in a controlled and friendly environment. Here at the Muse Project, we are helping musicians discover the joy of playing with others whatever instrument you play. You will also have access to record in a professional studio environment on a regular basis.

Advanced Band Development Classes in Hertford.

Do you want to progress your musical skills and play in a band? Join our advanced band development class at the Muse Project and we will help you focus on learning to play with other musicians of an advanced level. We provide a structured and friendly platform for you to learn and play cover songs to a high standard and eventually help you create and produce your own music. We provide excellent rehearsal studios and recording studio facilities and you will have access to record in a professional studio environment on a regular basis.

Beginner and Advanced Level Band Development Class Objectives

Our objectives are to assemble singers and musicians to form bands and provide a platform to enables bands to do the following:

  1. Work to a brief
  2. Learn to play music as a cohesive band
  3. Prepare music for a recording studio
  4. Learn Live Performance.

A creative platform to develop musicians in and around the Hertford area…

Situated a short walk from Hertford Town centre at the River City Studios. Our rehearsal rooms and recording studios offer professional backline. We have bands and artists regularly travelling to use the studios from London, Essex and Bedfordshire as we are easily accessible from the M25, M1 and A1M. to find out how to find us visit our Contact Us page

The Muse Project Band Class Term Times

All Classes run to standard school term time schedule, however classes do run on both weekdays and weekends.